Registering with the TMT association is very simple:

Fill in the online form below and you will find the form filled with your data to be signed later at one of the collection centers (Bierò La Bici Verde store, Via Valsesia 9) so that we can issue the card at least the day before the event or event.
If you do not complete the registration with the signature of the form and payment you can not participate in any event, meeting and association event.

To proceed with the registration of the association, fill out this form (Required fields are name, surname and date of birth and tax code)

    To participate in events and events it is necessary to be enrolled in the association which provides an annual membership (solar) as an ordinary member or supporting member:


    Registration also includes insurance for activities and events carried out within the association and a free check to your bike (brake adjustment, gearbox adjustment, bolts tightening, lubrication) at the bike shop in Via Monte Patulo 37 Rome.